Dance Legend Thermal!

Hi everyone!

I am super excited today – I’m currently blogging on a train to Wales! I’m off on holiday to see my friend and I’ve been looking forward to this for ages 🙂

On my fingertips today I am currently sporting my very first thermal. I am absolutely amazed at the nail polishes of today, who’d have thought years ago when I was a 7 year old girl with her first few bottles that I’d be wearing a colour-changing polish 15 years later!

This is Dance Legend Thermo 162. One of the girls over at the NPAA forum arranged a group buy direct from Russia – I have to say I was a bit worried as I’ve heard people have had nightmares ordering from Dance Legend directly, but I’m pleased to say they arrived quickly with no problems! I wasn’t sure how a thermal would look on my short nails so I only ordered one.


Holy shit, I am amazed! Pink is hot and purple is cold.

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this since I put it on, I’ve been running of under the hot tap and then the cold tap, I can’t believe the change just happens instantly. I guess I am easily pleased!

This is a new addiction now. I need more and more thermals! Can anyone recommend their favourites?

I have heard that thermals may only last six months, so this is a downside. But hopefully this is just a worst case and we can all enjoy thermals for a long time! 😀


Models Own Hypergels vs Barry M Gellies – Who Comes Out on Top?

Evening nail lovers 🙂

As I’m sure you’re all aware, a couple of UK high street nail polish brands have brought out their own “gel effect” range in the last few months.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you will know that I love the Barry M Gelly range; they have featured in a fair few of my posts! I think they are brilliant. They dry super quickly, have a high shine and are affordable.

Models Own released their Hypergel collection this week. Now, I don’t really like Models Own. I will happily admit that, as I have done on my blog before. There is only one or two polishes of theirs that I have and actually like, but I wanted to try the Hypergels because I loved the Barry M Gellies so much.

I bought “Cerise Shine” and “Lilac Sheen” in the 50% off sale. Let me start off with a few pictures of Cerise Shine. With flash:


Without flash:


Don’t get me wrong, I like the colour. I really like it! Pink is my favourite! But these Hypergels just do not measure up to the Gellies and here is why.

The Hypergels just will not dry!

My nails were overly tacky for so long that I ended up adding a coat of Seche Vite to them, which sort of defeats the point of a “gel effect” nail polish, doesn’t it?

The application was a nightmare, the formula is very thick (even more so than regular Models Own polishes) and it’s streaky if you don’t apply at lightning speed. Not what I’m looking for in a gel effect polish at all!

I’ve also had some pretty awful shrinkage since adding the Seche Vite:


That’s even worse than normal, I know some tip shrinkage is to be expected with Seche Vite but it looks really bad. I also noticed some bubbles after adding the second coat of the Hypergel.

The one pro with the Hypergels is that I do prefer a couple of the colours to the Gellies, but ultimately the Gellies win hands down in every category. If you’re thinking about going for either of these brands, I would steer you well in the direction of the Barry M stand.

Don’t even get me started on Lilac Sheen; the colour is so awful! It’s about as purple as my eyes are 😉

I don’t mean to be so scathing, but I really did expect better from these polishes. I have heard that some people are very pleased with the Hypergels, so it may just be that you either get on with them or you don’t, but I would advise to approach with caution.

Gemstone Chevrons

Hello all 🙂

I’m blogging from my bed this evening! Thank god for smartphones eh? I’ve been doing late shifts all week and I’m knackered!

I’ve always wanted to do a chevron manicure but every time I’ve tried it I’ve made a right mess of it. I had a lightbulb moment the other day; what if I made the chevrons out of little gems?

My base colour is Blue Grape by Barry M and it’s part of the Gelly range.




I’m totally in love with this look, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! I can’t stop staring at my hands 🙂 it was so easy to achieve, I want to try millions of colour combinations now!

I feel really majestic with my bejewelled fingers; do you like having things glued on to your nails or do you prefer a smooth finish?

Laura x

Time for a blog revival!!

Hello! Over the last few months I barely posted anything to Purely Polish. After spending the majority of 2013 unemployed it started to take it’s toll, I had no money to buy new polish or stamping plates or accessories and it really got me down in the end, hence the lack of posting.

But!!! I have a new job 🙂 that I started at the beginning of December and it’s going pretty well. So that means… more pretties! I have a bunch of stuff on its merry way to me at the moment, so that should give me some stuff to write about. For the meantime, I want to show you this limited edition Barry M nail polish that I am totally obsessed with.


This is Fairy Lights and it’s stunning. I am so in love with it, I want to layer it over absolutely everything! The fact that it’s limited edition means I’ve already bought two bottles…

The above photo is from my Instagram, if you’d like to follow me there my name is 115thDream 🙂



A couple more pics that I’ve taken over the last few weeks! You can tell I love it… most nail polishes don’t get this much of an airing!

So yes, this marks my return I suppose… more to come…

Laura x

Barry M Greenberry with a MoYou stamping plate

Hi all! I have no excuse for not blogging for two months – think I just needed a break. I haven’t got the spare money to be spending on nail polish at the moment so I don’t have anything new or fun to show you, only old stuff that I could go over again and again!

Which is pretty much what I’m going to do now – I’ve been looking in my collection for a dupe for China Glaze’s For Audrey – the Tiffany jewellery box colour! I thought I’d found a good match with Greenberry by Barry M but I think it’s a bit too green.


Anyway after a couple of days I got bored as usual and decided to stamp over it with one of my MoYou plates!


I do think it looks quite lovely. Sorry my returning post hasn’t been that exciting x

Claire’s Accessories Glitter

Hello… been a while again but I have no excuse this time…

I have a really pretty nail polish to blog today, it’s a glitter that I picked up in Claire’s Accessories – it’s from their “new style” collection (the old ones are currently being sold off at £1 each, get in there!) and it’s a pinky-purple glitter.

It’s also holographic, I do love my holos 🙂

On to the pictures then…




This is a lovely polish and I don’t have another one like it in my collection, which is always a bonus!

I have to admit to being a bit wary of Claire’s Accessories as I bought of lot of crap quality items in there when I was a teenager but it seems to have really improved in there, these polishes are really nice.

I also have a bright purple glitter that I bought from there but that’s for another post!

OPI – Pirouette My Whistle

Hi everyone, hope you’re all having a nice weekend 🙂 I’m chilling out in my unicorn pajamas before heading off to Wembley Stadium tonight to see Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) perform “The Wall”. So excited!

I had a very sparkly little present turn up a few days ago – Pirouette My Whistle by OPI 🙂 it’s something I’d had my eye on for a little while and bought it second hand from a lovely lady who was having a clear out!

This polish is from the NYC Ballet collection. I’m not much of an OPI fan actually, I do like some of their colours but I’m not convinced they have much to offer me personally. I did, however, need to own this polish!

Pirouette My Whistle contains silver micro glitter and larger hexagon glitter. I layered it over Dim Sum Plum which is also by OPI!


I’m in love with it, it’s just gorgeous. I can’t wait to use it again and again – I’m already thinking which of my polishes it would look the nicest with!

I’m really pleased that I finally got hold of it 😀